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Good day fellow Weavers!

Louise Blackwick here, author of "Vivian Amberville" - the bestselling fantasy book series that follows the girl whose imagination can reshape reality. Just thought I'd give you an update on my current work status:

1. "God is a Robot" is facing some Publisher delays due to editing and pre-editorials, and will likely see daylight only next year. In other words, I'm waiting for it just as much as you. As a way of thanking my readers for their patience, on Halloween I'll be releasing a short-story called "Jump into the abyss!" (genre: surreal horror) which will be offered for FREE to anyone interested, along the other short-story "Reprobates"

2. Vivian Amberville's sequel - "The Book of Chaos" is coming along nicely, despite it being excruciatingly difficult to write. As you already know, in this second volume, Vivian will split reality in two, in what will become an utmost bizarre (and hopefully rewarding) display of storytelling never attempted before in literature.

Vivian Amberville - The Book of Chaos

Given its difficult PLOT-ology and the fickle nature of my Editor, Distributor and Book Agent, I know better than to give you an exact release date, but I do hope it'll be 2018. At this point, I am more interested in writing this complicated sequel at the absolute BEST of my abilities than release a generic penny-a-dozen fantasy story.

Vivian Amberville is and will always be DIFFERENT than any other fantasy series out there because you, dear readers, deserve that much. I hold myself to that standard now and forever!

Thank you so much for waiting!

Love always,

Louise Blackwick

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