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Wordsmiths Unite, The Quill Army awaits!

Posted on Sep 28, 2015 by Blackwick

Wordsweavers Unite the Quill Army awaits

Dear traveller who may happen upon these words,

A guild of wordsmiths has come to be. We appear throughout ancient history under many names: the guild of words-weavers, the Quill Army, the creative writing circle, each name more utterly invented than the next.

But we do exist! Oh yes indeed, my good sirs and ladyships! And our driving goal was and remains to this day: to inspire, motivate and learn from one another in learning how to write creatively and professionally. The Quill Army is thus, a free-to-attend support group for writing enthusiasts, with a goal for self-expression and a life of its own.

With that being penned down in ever-lasting ink, I summon you to become part of our writing-minded guild. Let us unite under a quick-witted quill and a razor-edged wit, in the greater act of learning how to dream openly and write creatively.

Weavers of words unite, The Quill Army awaits!

Yours truly author and Weaver of Odds to be

Louise Blackwick

The Quill Army is a support group for writers, aspiring writers, or simply people who would like to take up writing, whether as hobby, for leisure or as profession. Everyone with a shared passion for writing is welcome to join us.

Our social meetings are open to English speakers with a gust for literature, writing and creativity. Sessions can occur as often as the participants desire and in accordance to their own programme, during weekdays or in the weekends. Meetings will be held primarily in Denekamp, but may occasionally include a public café or teashop in Enschede (the Netherlands). All meetings will follow a meeting agenda on which writing-related topics will be brought under discussion.

The group aims to inspire, support and guide attendees to take up and pursue their writing, and will be free-to-attend for all its members. Each meeting will include group discussions, sharing writing tips, tricks and best practices among each other. Each member is encouraged to step in and share their work, their individual progress and their findings with the group. The Quill Army's long-term goal is to maintain a creative identity, develop a professional writer mindset and more importantly, make writing fun!

Meetings attended in Denekamp will be entirely free of charge and will include free tea and cookies.

Meetings attended in a public Enschede café or teashop will equally be free, but your food and drink consumption will not be covered.

Become part of the Quill Army today and join a uniquely creative experience!

If interested, contact us:
0031 621 411 788

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