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The QA Chronicles: writers worth reading

Posted on Apr 22, 2016 by Louise Blackwick

Laura Nellestijn

This week we wish to feature a talented writer and a strong-willed woman. Laura Nellestijn is an emerging writer, who has been involved in the Quill Army Writing Movement since its inception. Her writing stems from a deep-seated love for self-expression to which Laura adds the challenges of motherhood and the savour of Dutch humour.

Quill Army Authors 

Attached below is a snippet into Laura's freewriting world.

Note: All texts are part of the intellectual property of the author. No part of the text is to be published or distributed without expressed permission of the author. All rights reserved to Laura Nellestijn.

Topic: My strongest desire I want to achieve through writing:

Author: Laura Nellestijn

Ever since I was a little girl I've been narrating stories in my head that I wanted to write down and make a book of. For whatever reason I never managed to write down what was in my head.I tend to forget those lovely sentences and never get myself to sit down and start writing. For some reason I can't sit behind a desk with a pen and paper to write. Or behind a laptop or pc for that matter.I always have some noise around me, distracting myself from writing. I procrastinate. I was thinking about it earlier today and it is my believe that I procrastinate because I fear that if I do start writing that book, it will turn out that I am not good at all. I somehow hope that I will find a way to start and that the stories that are in my head will find their way onto paper. And by the time I finish my book, I hope I have found the confidence to share it with others.

Topic: Freewriting exercise (February, 17, 2016)

Author: Laura Nellestijn

Dear child,
I want you to know how much I love you and that me leaving is not your fault in any way. There is nothing you could have done to make this different. I have to do this for me and I hope in time you will understand my reasons.I want you to know how I fell in love with you from the first moment I held you in my arms and how that feeling never changed. Sure, we have our differences and fights but I will love you to my last breath. Sweetheart, I want you to do better than me in life. Follow your dreams. Make tough decisions that might hurt someone, but make you happy. Because from my experience, they'll get over it.
Don't let people stay in your life for longer than they deserve to but do be honest with those who deserve to be around you.
With whatever you do please remember, you are beautiful and perfect in every way.
I love you

"I pressed my eye against the lens of the telescope. The asteroid was heading straight for Earth..."
Requirement: You need to write this dramatically

Author: Laura Nellestijn


I turn away from the lens and start heading back to the house. "I have to warn them"
"Honey! Babe! Where the hell are you?"
My wife comes storming out of the backroom, she must recognize the panic in my voice.
"It will hit us! We are all going to die!" I hear myself screaming at her.
Her eyes widen and I can hear her mumbling. "What? what? What are you talking about?"
"The asteroid! It is coming straight at us!" "Where are the kids?!"
"And where the hell is Bobby?!"
"Ahhhhh...." She is not moving. "Will you answer me, DAMMIT???"

After a moment of utter silence and shock she finally looks at me and opens her mouth:
"They... The kids went with bobby out on the field to help him harvest the corn."
Now it is my turn to widen my eyes and look at my wife. "We have to go and get them. We might have a chance if we reach the shelter"
I turn around and start running towards the door. While I'm rushing towards the field a sound that is unknown to me gets louder and louder.
"I'm almost there, I need to run faster"
As soon as I see them, I start shouting with the rest of the energy I have: "Get over here now!!!"

And then:

Total darkness....

Assignment: You are Donald Trump's unwilling sex slave. Freewrite about your escape from his clutches.Choose words that resonate with the horror genre.

Author: Laura Nellestijn

Grasping for air she is trying to calm herself down.
"Why me? Why me?"
Alone with her thoughts, not a sound other than the ones she makes. Slowly she gets up, feeling around with her hands. It is soooo dark.
"How? How did he take me?" Her head feels weird, her thoughts go in every direction.
"Drugs? It must have been drugs..." Her fingers touch a wall not far from where she is standing. While she tries the other side she discovers that the room she is in, is very small.

No way out.
It is too dark and her eyes are unable to adjust. "Jeez, it's cold in here."
While shivering she wraps her arms around her.
"What the hell am I wearing?" Her fingers slowly go down her body. "Leather?"
All of a sudden she hears a clicking sound, a door opening. A bright light shines upon her and she can barely see what is in front of her. As out of nowhere a man appears. If she wasn't already sure of what had happened and with whom, now the blurry doubts in her head disappear.

"Mr. Trump?" She hears herself ask. "Why do I sound surprised?" She thinks.
The man in front of her doesn't say a word. Instead, a nasty smirk appears on his face as he holds up the leather shackles in his hands. He steps closer and she can smell him. A smell that nauseates her as the memories of the previous night return. He steps even closer and grabs her.

"No, no, please no... " She mutters.
Suddenly, a smile comes up on Mr. Trumps face. A smile that scares her more than she already is...
"Lets play"

The Quill Army is an open-attendance social group with a goal for self-expression and a life of its own. It acts as a support group for writers, aspiring writers, writing enthusiasts or simply people who would like to take up writing, whether as hobby, for leisure or as profession. Our meetings follow a meeting agenda on which writing-related topics will be brought under discussion

The Quill Army's long-term goal is to maintain a creative identity, develop a professional writer mindset and more importantly, make writing fun!

The Quill Army aims to:

  • inspire its members to pursue writing
  • motivate attendees to write creatively
  • empower each other to complete written works
  • help you find the story in you
  • discuss the alchemy of good writing
  • share our experiences with publishing
  • overcome writers' block
  • reshape the world through writing

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