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 fellow Weavers,

The Vivian Amberville quadri-universe is growing, whether in the extent of its history or the complexity of its lore.

The second novel (The Book of Chaos) in a planned saga of 5 books is still heavy in work, and the story-threads it generates extend their tendrils deep into the narrative, beyond the fabric of reality. Not only has the "Book of Chaos" cast of characters doubled in size and layering, but the number of interwoven storylines (subplots) have drastically increased since its precursor.

Many of you wonderful souls have deeply praised "The Weaver of Odds", a feat which brought joy to my heart and encouraged me to keep building this unique saga. But the truth is, it was merely my first attempt at long fiction and (according to nobody else but me), not my best one at that.

You might have already heard that I originally imagined the Vivian Amberville saga as a "philosophical fantasy" (an obscure, underrated and untouched subgenre of fantasy) but that I had to "force" Young Adult formulaic traits over the story to "dumb it down a notch", otherwise it "won't sell" and other such nonsense. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and at the same time, a terrible idea.

I have done my best to overrule the status quo of my initial "Book Launch Team", and did neither what they wanted nor what I wanted. It made book #1 of the VA saga something of an in-between hybrid: neither YA nor fully Adult; neither philosophical nor profane. It was good, but it was not my best effort.

Naturally, as a young artist, I was coming out of nowhere, so I had to comply to a lot of "publishing good practices", which in the short-term, brought my work before millions of pairs of eyes. In the long-term, however, it painfully restricted my ability to put to the page that which I truly held in my mind, which was a complex, character-driven, inspiring, meaningful and existentially-relevant story.

Some may argue "The Weaver of Odds" has already touched upon some of these aspects, yet in my heart of hearts, I know I have it in me to push for greater storytelling still. As my readers, I hold you in infinitely higher regards than my #1 Book Lauch Team did.

My readers are not just intelligent, but strikingly brilliant, and what they deserve is to read a book worthy of themselves. A book equally worthy of the author they have invested their heart, their time and sometimes, their money in.

In short, you guys deserve that I do my ABSOLUTE BEST at all times. And my absolute best I shall do!

In that regard, expect "The Book of Chaos" (book #2 of the VA saga) to live up to its envisioned "philosophical fantasy" subgenre. Expect a satirical and whimsical - if dark, soul-gutting and meaningful - multi-arching story, that takes the "base metal" from the "The Weaver of Odds" and transmutes it further, bringing it up a notch. In other words, expect my absolute best efforts going into it.

But in order to write at my best, I need you to read at your best.

Which is why I will be posting short fragments from the ongoing book #2 "The Book of Chaos" on my "Louise Blackwick Advanced Reading Team" facebook group and put them up for discussion. I am hoping, in that way, that we can resurrect (or perhaps, reinvent) the marginalized genre of "philosophical fantasy", and birth into the world something that has never been attempted before.

Those of you who would like to join these discussions are first invited to apply for membership at:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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