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"[...] One late evening, as a cold frosty chill tickled his forehead, he felt Fate’s hot breath slithering down the back of his neck and suddenly found the closeness unnerving. He turned around in great haste, looking mildly flustered.

‘What is it you want of me? Why do you keep following me?’

‘I never gave you your purpose’ Fate warmly smiled, handing him a quill and an inkwell before melting into the night..." (Impetus, Louise Blackwick)

I cannot remember a time when I was not in love with stories. 

To escape into fictional universes spun by my imagination was a daily feat. It was my guilty pleasure. I alone was the one creator of a fantastic realm with ramifications beyond the physical world. And so I created universes, worlds, cultures, histories, events, languages and the people to fill them. It was the stuff of dreams. My quill knew no boundaries. 

A little over a decade later, my quill continues to complement reality. My stories are coming alive, often in ways I never deemed possible. I now run my own publishing house, whose aim is to create a shift in the world consciousness. I inspire people to return to the art of old; return to writing; rebecome what they were intended to be: creators, weavers of their own loom. I help young writers find their voice. I support authors in being discovered. It is the stuff of dreams come true. 

I never stopped loving them books; that strong scent of freshly-inked paper on a cold, rainy morning. I never stopped loving them authors, the true weavers of all threads creative, the soul of our world. 

My name is Louise Blackwick. This virtual space is intended to you, fellow writer, fellow creator. Woven out of solidarity for its readers, this blog exists to unite, to impart knowledge and to inspire souls in becoming creative. 

Dear storyteller, this is your journey, your story. Render it written! 

Louise Blackwick author of the Vivian Amberville sagaLouise Blackwick is a next-generation fiction writer, author of surreal short stories, metaphysical manifestos and narrative poems.

Blackwick primarily considers herself a "fantasy novelist", though the erudite complexity of her work has been appraised to exceed the genre of fantasy. The first novel in a series of five is expected to be released in the coming 2 years and was already met with high anticipation by a score of metacritics, most of whom have compared her narrative style with C. Paolini, Jo Rowling and E.R. Eddison.

For short fiction, Blackwick claims her greatest influences were the father of surrealism André Breton, the twisted storyteller Edgar A.Poe and the existentialist Kafka. At times, she unweaves the general conventions of space and of time, bending them at odd angles into a mesmerizing and surreal dream construct. For epic large-scale fiction, Blackwick greatly looks up to the legendary Tolkien and C. S. Lewis.

Blackwick's drive seems to stem from a taste for unforgettable fiction: "I never found the fantasy saga I could completely and hopelessly fall in love with. It's how I came about to writing it" quoted the author. "It is no saga to be read, but a saga to be experienced"

Her portfolio also includes non-fiction, through creative writing coursebooks, publications on self-marketing, entrepreneurship books, thematic journal articles and literary evaluation essays & reviews.

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